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Top 10 Best Kensington Products Horse Tacks Review

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Best 10 Kensington Products Horse Tacks Buying Guide

Bestseller No. 1
Kensington Protective Products Tri-Colored Nylon Horse Lead Rope — 5/8" Braided Nylon Horse Lead Rope, 10’— Friction-Free, Tug-Resistant Clinician Lead Rope (Kentucky Blue)
  • METICULOUSLY TESTED FOR SUPERIOR QUALITY— Our horse lead ropes are backed by numerous tear and heat tests to ensure that every product lives up to expectations.
  • CRAFTED WITH EXTRA-DURABLE METAL HARDWARE — Bull snap lets this horse lead rope to stay free of tangling and snapping when exposed to tension. Rust-proof metal hardware retains its easy-click feature even after a long time of use.
  • PERFECT FOR FORCE-INTENSIVE ACTIVITIES — Use it on training, or playtimes, and let your horse enjoy being active while keeping them secured. You’ll be surprised by the overall durability this horse lead rope is capable of.
  • STURDY BRAIDED NYLON LEAD ROPE — 5/8", 15'- 25'. We've crafted this nylon lead rope to resist the harshest tugs and pulls, making it tension-resistant and tear-free. Our easy-grip nylon horse lead ropes are designed to be anti-slip and friction-free.
  • TWIST-FREE STURDY MATERIAL — Designed with a fastened bull snap on a swivel, this sturdy metal hardware prevents the rope from knotting and twisting. Easy-handle horse leads rope that's easy on hands and designed to be anti-slip and friction-free.
Bestseller No. 2
Kensington Flat Nylon Lunge Line, Teal, 30'
  • 30' long by 1 inch wide
  • Heavy duty swivel bolt snap
  • Additional swivel 6 inches down from snap
  • Comes with Kensington Lifetime guarantee
Bestseller No. 3
Fleece Bareback Pad By Kensington — 36"Wx 29"H Ergonomically-Correct Bareback Pad With 1” Foam Center for Maximum Comfort — With Double Billet Straps for Security — Adjustable and Fits Most Horses
  • LONG-LASTING MATERIAL - Crafted by the best quality of rip-stop nylon and fleece padding, our lightweight, water-proof bareback plush seat is tested multiple times to ensure its durability. Absolutely wear and tear-proof.
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT AND SOFTNESS— Heavy-duty saddle fleece double-stitched on seams to avoid lumping and tearing on the interiors. Our bareback fleece pad is designed to be incredibly soft and cozy, resisting rough riding textures.
  • EASY-MOUNT CENTER HANDLE — Sit comfortably without the risk of this bareback pad slipping and sliding around. Easy mount center handle lets you stay safe on trails and maneuver your horse smoothly, giving you maximum security.
  • ERGONOMICALLY-DESIGNED SADDLE— Bareback pad designed for maximum comfort with 1'' thick foam center. Supports your sitting posture while straddling to avoid tension on your hips, back and legs. Enjoy a seamless ride without pain and discomfort.
  • ADJUSTABLE AND CONTOURED FIT FOR YOUR HORSE — Double billet straps allows this fleece bareback pad to retain its shape while giving you maximum adjustability. 36"Wx 29"H dimension fits most horses without scuffing or irritating friction.
Bestseller No. 4
Kensington Horse Grooming Tote Bag — Handy Upright Stow Away in Vibrant Plaid Designs — Very Durable with Lots of Storage Compartments — 12"L x 7"W x 7"D
  • ELASTIC STRAPS AND EXTERIOR POCKETS – Includes elastic straps to secure containers in an upright position and 2 pockets on the outside walls of the bag to hold everything you need, including hoof picks, medications, mane combs and more.
  • NEVER LOSE A GROOMING TOOL AGAIN - With Kensington’s perfectly sized compartments measuring 12” long, 7” wide and 7” deep you’ll never have to dig for a tool again.
  • BEAUTIFUL VIBRANT DESIGN – Tote bags with beautiful plaid designs that maintain their vibrancy. We use the same designs across all our products, so you can have matching blankets, sheets, fly boots and more in your favorite plaid designs.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE - All Kensington products undergo a rigorous quality inspection here at our Southern California headquarters. From tear tests, to heat exposure; we examine all degrees of durability and backup this testing with a quality assurance.
  • VERY DURABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN - Designed with Textilene fabric for easy cleaning and incredible durability. These totes can withstand extreme weather conditions and are mildew resistant, air permeable and non-heat transferring.
Bestseller No. 5
Kensington Protective Products Safe-T-Tie Horse Tie — Revolutionary Safety for You and Your Horse — With a Quick Release Design For Use When Safety is A Concern — Sold 2 Per Pack (Black)
  • PORTABLE AND REUSABLE - Safe-T-Ties can be used for just about anything in addition to horse tie downs you can use our ties for feed bags, buckets, hay nets, and much more!
  • PERFECT BREAK AWAY POINT - With just enough tension the tie will break loose for the safety of your horse and the surroundings of your horse.
  • REVOLUTIONARY WAY TO TIE YOUR HORSE - Safely secure your horse anywhere, anytime, any place without complicated knots or accessories.
  • SAFETY FOR YOU AND YOUR HORSE - Horses spook easily, and the risk of injury to your horse and others is high. Safe-T-Tie eliminates that likelihood with the break away technology created by highly innovative engineers.
  • DESIGN BY AN AWARD WINNING TEAM - Engineered by highly innovative engineers, veterinary nurses and equine muscular therapists.
Bestseller No. 6
Western All-Around Carry Bag by Kensington — 20”L x 34”w x 5”D Nylon Carry Bag with Textilene Mesh for Breathability — Water-Resistant and Mildew-Proof, Patriot Plaid
  • CRAFTED WITH HIGH-DURABILITY NYLON MATERIAL — Created to withstand temperature and humidity changes, this all-around Western carry bag resists water and mildew-growth. Perfect for overnight trails and gives you enough room for everything you need!
  • LONG-LASTING MATERIAL - Crafted by the best quality of protective nylon and handmade to ensure top quality, our horse stall guards are finely-designed and double- stitched to avoid wearing and tearing. Absolutely run-free, tug-resistant, and stays fit like it is on first use.
  • TEXTILENE MESH SIDES FOR  AIR PERMEABILITY — Western carry bag that features breathable air pockets draining excess moisture, avoiding the accumulation of mildew-causing bacteria.
  • 9 NYLON CARRY STRAPS FOR EXTRA CONVENIENCE — Easily carry this bag around without the straps snapping after being exposed to constant tension.
  • ENGINEERED WITH BREATHABLE TEXTILENE INTERIOR — This all-around Western pad carrier bag stays mold and mildew-free with its air-permeable interior. Letting excess moisture dry off, this bag stays stylish and dust-free.
Bestseller No. 7
1200D Horse Turnout Blanket by Kensington — 180g Stable Horse Blanket Day Wear — Fiberfill Insulation with Padded Withers — Waterproof and Tear-Free
  • CRAFTED FOR YOUR HORSE'S SUPERIOR COMFORT — With padded withers to ensure a soft, plushy texture, your horse is protected from the cold while staying dry underneath. CoolPlus lining allows breathability while giving your horse maximum protection.
  • DESIGNED TO HAVE A SEAMLESSLY ADJUSTABLE FIT — Patented SureFit technology allows this horse stable blanket to fit a wide range of sizes. With a contoured top line, a comfortable neckline and adjustable front snap enclosure for easy on-off.
  • BREATHABLE AND INSULATED TO KEEP YOUR HORSE COZY — Crafted with hollow fiberfill for insulation and featuring patented CoolPlus lining that pulls moisture away from your horse to keep them dry. Air-permeable and unbelievably soft for your horse.
  • CRAFTED WITH WORLD-CLASS MATERIALS — Rip-Stop nylon outer shell and breathable Teflon coatings double-stitched at each seam for durability. This horse stable blanket resists mold and mildew growth. Absolutely tug-resistant and stays comfortably fit.
  • EASY ON-OFF FOR A SEAMLESS WEAR — Adjustable front enclosure lets this blanket be convenient for you and your horse. We've designed it with criss-cross belly straps, removable rear leg straps, and tail flaps to give your horse protective wear all day.
Bestseller No. 8
Nylon Halter Bridle Carry Bag by Kensington — 30”L x 14.5”W x 5” D Padded Carry Bag — Mildew-Proof Heavy-Duty Carry Bag With Sturdy Zippers — Waterproof and Tear-Resistant (Deluxe Black Plaid)
  • CONSTRUCTED TO WITHSTAND CHANGING TEMPERATURES — This halter and bridle bag is engineered to have the most resilient nylon outer shell that withstands changing temperature and humidity. This bag keeps its sturdy elasticity without cracking or tearing.
  • DESIGNED WITH OPTIMAL QUALITY - All Kensington products undergo a rigorous quality inspection here at our Southern California headquarters. From tear tests, to heat exposure, this bag stays as functional as the first time you unboxed it.
  • UNPARALLELED NYLON PROTECTION — Halter and bridle bag that features a waterproof and dust-proof outer shell. Constructed with a padded nylon interior, your bridles are secured from damage and protected from scuffing and friction.
  • EASY CARRY BRIDLE BAG — With two 1" wide nylon carry straps, you can easily carry this halter and bridle bag anywhere without the risk of tearing and falling off. Crafted to withstand the harshest tugs and pulls, carry it anywhere while you travel.
  • MILDEW-RESISTANT BREATHABLE TEXTILENE BUILD — Keeping your halters and bridles moisture-free, this breathable material inhibits the growth of mildew and mold. Your bag stays dry and free of musty odor even after exposure to varying temperatures.
Bestseller No. 9
All-Around Tote Carry Bag Organizer for Horses by Kensington — Organizer Tote Bag with Pockets and Heavy-Duty Zipper — Waterproof and Mildew-Resistant Tote Carry Bag
  • WATERPROOF AND TEAR-PROOF NYLON EXTERIOR — Crafted with durable nylon exterior and double-stitched handles for security, this zippered tote bag horse grooming organizer makes it the perfect carry-all bag for your equine needs.
  • EASY-CLEAN, BREATHABLE TOTE BAG FOR HORSES — Breathable mesh bottom makes it easy to clean. Sturdy mesh lets this horse tote bag organizer carry your things neatly without tearing apart from weight or looking bulgy.
  • GUARANTEED SUPERIOR QUALITY— All Kensington products undergo a rigorous quality inspection on our Southern California headquarters. From tear tests, to heat exposure; we ensure that all products surpass your expectations in quality and durability.
  • BALLISTIC NYLON ZIPPER FOR EXTRA STRENGTH — This horse show tote bag features an extra-strong zipper to avoid breaking and detaching. With an easy-zip top and multiple pockets for storage, this tote bag organizer is everything you'll love.
  • MILDEW-RESISTANT TOTE BAG ORGANIZER — Breathability feature allows this tote bag to get rid of excess moisture that may cause mold and mildew growth. The anti-bacterial inner mesh allows this bag to stay fresh and dust-free even after repeated use.
Bestseller No. 10
Kensington Aisle Guard for Horses - Designed to Keep Horse Securely in Barn Aisle - Adjustable Straps and Hardware Included
  • LONG-LASTING MATERIAL- Crafted by the best quality of protective nylon and handmade to ensure top quality, our horse stall guards are finely-designed and double-stitched to avoid wearing and tearing.
  • HIGH-QUALITY HORSE STALL GUARD - We know how stubborn your horses can be! Equine stall guards built for superior strength. Including 4 double-end snaps and 4 screw eyes with double-ended snaps and screws for attaching to barn door.
  • DOUBLE-LOCK SAFETY DESIGN - Tired of your horses breaking out of your stalls? Our patented D-shaped lock keep the straps in place, clinging to your barn poles. Keep your horses secured without breaking the nylon straps into bits when exposed to pressure.
  • DESIGNED FOR UNPARALLELED DURABILITY - Bordered on all 4 sides with 3" nylon webbing designed to resist easy breakage from temperature and humidity changes, our stall guards cling to barn doors and poles without warping, thread run-off or tearing.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE CONVENIENCE - Made with extra-durable PVC nylon that resists cracking and breaking down from varying temperatures, we’ve made our extra-flexible horse stall guard adjustable to fit openings from 135" to 139" wide.
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